Give Me One Minute


Smile And be peaceful
Please focus on the point  
between your eyebrows.
click on 1 Minute and
Close your eyes.

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What is Meditation?

Mediation is concentrating on one’s breathing preferably with your eyes shut, your back in an upright posture in a quite environment to increase the capacity of psychic functioning, to still the mind and increase awareness by getting profound state of relaxation.It is meant to eliminate the thought process and come to the state of zero mind. It is a particular method for relaxing the mind by experiencing the center of consciousness.

How to Do Meditation With Giveme1minute Meditation Techniques?

Giveme1minute helps to comprehend all the levels of yourself and create an antidote to your anxieties, anger, hatred, confusion, and sorrow. It teaches a precise method to concentrate on your breath and the method follows a particular order, principle, and rules. Choose your own mindful exercise and boost your compassion with the power of meditation.

5 Basic Benefits of Meditation

1-minute meditation- Feel the power of meditation

Feel the love, peace, relaxation and even experience of God with our 1-minute meditation process. We provide a simple spiritual practice where one sits down with closed eyes, focus on your breathing for minimum one minute and feel the inner peace connecting with God. Experience the power of meditation in 1 minute.

Mindfulness exercises may ease mental stress

Stress is an inescapable state of your mind and it causes many uncomfortable and distracting symptoms. All people deal with stress in every day whether it is small or big. Some mindfulness exercises like Deep breathing, meditation, yoga, rhythmic exercise help to combat your mental stress and reduce symptoms like forgetfulness, negative thoughts, loneliness feeling, lacking confidence, etc. Concentrate on your self with giveme1minute and get stress relief.

Relaxation meditation for Body , Mind & Soul

Lessening mind stress and thereby giving you peace. Meditation is so powerful that it leads to relaxation of your mind and body. Regular meditation practice provides innumerable health benefits like pain relief, good sleep, improves heart condition, etc. Relaxation Meditation lowers blood pressure, reduces your stress toxins, strengthens your body immune system and brings relaxation and happiness into your life. Mind, Body and Soul are so well connected by doing mindful exercises in giveme1minute.

Meditation Music- Harmony to relax your body and mind

Music is a harmony which helps you to clear your mind and stay in the moment. Gentle meditation music can be the perfect accompaniment for mindfulness meditation. Pleasant music creates calmer surrounding, which makes the process of 1-minute meditation more effective. It activates your mind and helps to develop cognitive abilities. Listening to meditation music rejuvenates you and refreshes your body as well as a mind, which is a greatest benefit of meditation.