4 Mindfulness Exercises for daily satisfaction and happiness

We are always busy with our daily life. We have got very tight schedules. Our mind continuously and relentlessly keeps on working and we forget to keep it calm. Hence mindfulness exercise would help us to prevent from getting stressed and would also control and mentor our thoughts and emotions. This is the best medicine and the best process to monitor and put a check on anxiety.

Our busy schedule and routine sometimes make us forget about ourselves. We don’t get at least 5 minutes to settle down to relax and therefore it creates more anxiety. Still, this is our life, hence we should understand about our lives and spare at least 30 minutes or more for a good session of meditation which in turn would make us feel calm and cool and get rid of all stress and anxiety.

It is essential and crucial for our health to put attention on our well-being and take out few minutes every day to energize our mental strength which would help in the cultivation of spaciousness inside our grey matter that would fulfil and create an equivalent balance with the mind and brain.

1 minute mindfulness exercise

In several cases, there is group therapy which is incorporated as a mindfulness that has reflected results which in turn has turned promising in comparison to the other treatment. The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is considered as a staple treatment which is used majorly during the clinical psychology world. Apart from other therapies, there is also various evidence which has exhibited effective like CBT.

There are groups who are focused on mindfulness and perform various treatment programs which are aimed to reduce social anxiety. Fleming and Kocovski in 2007 have created an example to exhibit the mindfulness exercises which is incorporated along with various benefits. The treatment plan is designed wherein there are 8 members who meet for the duration of 2 hours. This would be continued for 12 weeks and when the session would start, the first portion gets devoted along with short mindfulness exercise and includes various discussions.

While performing the mindfulness exercise there are majorly 4 exercises which can be rehearsed at any time anywhere.

Mindfulness Exercise – Mindful Breathing

The exercises are very easy which can be done by settling down at any place either by standing up or by sitting down. While you would sit you should adopt the lotus position. If it is not possible then there is nothing to worry about. One has to be conscious of their own breathing.

Mindful Observation

This is a simple exercise which is very much incredible that would create power. Hence it would help us to appreciate simple elements in nature and around us which are recreated with a profound mechanism.

Mindful listening

This is designed in a way which would open up the ears that would accept sound according to a non– judgmental way and it would create a platform to train the mind to stay away from the influence of past experiences and preconception and be in the moment.

Mindfulness Exercise – Mindful appreciation

This is the last exercise which makes one appreciate all the simple and things in our daily life with the hope of positivity and love. Love is the strongest vibration in our universe.


The mindfulness Exercise meditation is a procedure to carry forward the cultivation of awareness “WITHIN THE MOMENT” that would merge with the environment and help everyone to cope up to a better life and keep us away from stress and anxiety.